Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Road Bike Review

Is The Stylish Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike Too Simple For Modern Commuters?

Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Road BikeAs the name suggests, the Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Road Bike is a modern, single speed fixie bicycle and its specification boast many interesting features like the deep-dish 50mm wheels and flip-flop rear wheel hub for simple changes from single-speed to fixed gear. First impressions are that this is a bike with simplicity and style in mind but is there more to it that will really impress urban commuters?

Features and Benefits of the Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Road Bike

  • Deep-dish 50mm wheels
  • Easy changing from single-speed to fixed gear with ease
  • High-tensile, fully Tig-welded steel frame
  • Easily removable front brake
  • Kenda Tires and Tubes
  • Oury Grips and KMC Chain

What benefits have riders reported after testing out this Pure Fix Cycles Fixie Road Bike?

One of the key aspects that attracts buyers to this bike is the looks because it really is a cool looking product with great style and options to suit many riders. There are many colour choices available, too many to name here, and enough frame and rim combinations to keep most people happy.

Numerous pros lists in customer reviews mention the aesthetics, some simply saying that it “looks amazing”, and countless riders have been getting compliments on the street. At this point it is just worth remembering that the colour seen in photos is not always completely true to the one seen on arrival; the shades of grey can sometimes be a bit off and blues are said to be a little more purple than expected. This Pure Fix road bike has also been described as a minimalist bike and this comes as much from the style as the performance.


There is a simplicity to the Pure Fix Cycles Single Speed Road Bike which is primarily seen with it being a single speed bike – something that is not to all tastes but is appreciated by many – and this is enhanced by the ease of assembly and performance. This is seen as being a great bike for commuters out on the road, some specifically believing it to be best for urban, trendy bikers because of its style and fixed speed.

The quality of the gear system means that it is as great for hills as it is for flat roads but it is not the lightest of bikes, according to some. It has a good solid feel that suggests it really does have the high-tensile tig-welded steel frame that is advertised but some would suggest that this is actually down to the weight of the pedals and the frame isn’t that bad.

Does this Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike have any problems with its specification or performance that limit this initial appeal?

The fact that the style is so highly praised is great in many respects but it does overshadow the specification slightly, suggesting that some of these elements could be better. Buyers list a range of poor quality components: the Kenda Kwest tyres occasionally come off the rim, the pedals and seat are as basic as they come and the brake pads squeak and only one set is provided, which is seen as a safety concern by some.

Some riders offer clarification that it is the rims not the tyres that are the issue and dispute the frequency of flat tyres – it is always worth considering that some of these reviewers may not be the most careful of riders. Some brand name parts have been highlighted by the manufacturer yet replaced by users, like the Oury Grips.

In many cases, these parts are easily replaced and upgraded and what is even more telling about the quality of the company is that they often replied to dissatisfied buyers with offers to send free replacements – even a spot of paint to patch over scuffs made on delivery.

Another important trend is that the 3-star reviews often come from those that want to love the bike more than they can at that moment because while they see the potential for great rides and underlying quality, they are spending too much time making adjustments to get it to their desired level.

Do these low end parts and replacements mean that this Pure Fix Cycles Road Bike is not a recommendable purchase?

Going back to this idea of it being viewed as a good value bike that is made for commuters, perhaps it is better to say that this will be that ideal bike if the buyer is prepared to put in some extra time and money on upgrades, which in turn diminishes the idea of value for money a little.

Essentially, this Pure Fix Cycles bike is a great starting point for riders to build on if they have the desire to personalise and improve a bike. To call it a blank canvas would not be apt given the fundamentals and style already in place but there is a sense that there is more to come for the right owner.


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